What is an Air Purification System?

Jul 10, 2019

An air purification system’s sole purpose is to clean the air in your home! The most commonly seen air purifiers are portable. These consist of a system of filters that pull the air through, clean it and then release it back into your home. Air purification systems can also be stationary, and mounted to the inside of your ductwork providing whole-house purification! Air purifiers are especially great for people with allergies or sensitivities!

Portable Air Purification Systems: How Do They Work?

Most air purification systems have multiple filters. They pull the air through these filters, which remove airborne particles, and then release the air back into your home. These systems will do this multiple times an hour. This number is known as ACH, or Air Changes per Hour. We recommend an ACH of six (6) or seven (7) for customers who just want clean, healthy air. If a customer or a customer’s loved one has asthma or an allergy issue, we recommend bumping that ACH up to eight (8).

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Carrier Air Purifier

Do I Need More Than One?

Your average air purification system really can only clean one room at a time. Does this mean you have to buy more than one to have clean air? No! Your air without an air purifier is typically not “dirty,” as long as you regularly change your AC filter! This just means you should put the purifier in the room you are spending the most time in for *cleaner* air. Also, air purifiers are not too big to move from room to room, so you can take it with you around the house!

We recommend starting out with one and feeling the impact before investing in another one! If you have severe asthma or intense allergies, you may need to invest in more than one. This is completely subject to personal preference.

Are There Different Types of Air Purification Systems?

Yes! There are many different air purification systems to choose from. The following are just a few technologies that can be combined to make different air purification systems:

  • HEPA Technology: Otherwise known as High Efficiency Particulate Air. This is best for removing airborne particles, making it very effective for those suffering with asthma and allergies. However, they are not as effective at removing odors, chemicals or gases.
  • Activated Carbon Technology: This is especially good at removing odors, chemical and gases, making them highly effective at helping those who suffer from MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity). However, this type of purifying system is not very effective at removing airborne particles.
  • UV Technology: This system is excellent at killing viruses and bacteria in the air. Using UV technology in your air purification system can help reduce the spread of illness in your home.
  • Ionic Technology: Also known as negative ion technology. This is impressive technology that essentially injects negative ions into the air. These ions magnetically attract airborne particles and make them too heavy to remain in the air.

Whole House Air Purification Systems: How Do They Work?

Some purification systems can be installed directly into the supply duct. This means it is an all home purifier! One we often see is the REME HALO made by RGF Environmental group. The REME HALO combines six purification technologies! When your AC system is operating (whether heating, cooling or just running the fan) the REME HALO creates an oxidation plasma and projects it throughout the home. This plasma oxidizes pollutants and reverts back to oxygen.


Other whole house air purifiers may use only UV technology, which is excellent if the start or spread of illness is your number one priority! Whole house air purification is a great way to achieve cleaner air if you don’t want the loss of space that comes with a portable one!

If you are interested in learning more about these technologies or discovering which type of system would be the best for your home, give us a call at (352) 229-6221 or click here to submit and online contact request! Find out more about Coast to Coast on our home page.

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