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Jun 13, 2019

Looking for the best AC company in your area? What is the first word that typically comes to mind, when searching for a reliable company in any service industry? For us, the word is reviews. Does this air conditioning company you are looking at have good reviews? Poor reviews? None at all? Reviews are a great indicator of a company’s reliability, quality of work, and integrity.

Reviews: What Kind You Should Be Looking For

Top Rated AC Repair Company in Dunnellon, Florida.
Google is a great first place to search for a high quality AC company

If a company has none, or few reviews, it is likely that they are one of two things. One, they may be new to the industry. Two, they do not encourage their customers to leave reviews. Does this mean they do not encompass at least one of the three indicators mentioned above? No. However, they may not be the best AC company. Your best bet is to resort to word of mouth in this case. Ask around; chances are, if they fall under the “do not encourage their customers to leave reviews” category, they are not a new business and they have customers in your area that you may know!

If a company has many reviews, but the majority provide nothing more than a rating and a “great service,” you may want to look into the company further before making your decision. The internet can be incredibly helpful, but it can also be deceitful. Some companies, unfortunately, pay for fake reviews. This doesn’t mean that the short and sweet review is always unreliable. What this means is that you should research them a little more before making your decision.

AC company five star review from real customer

If a company has many, mostly detailed, reviews and a high overall rating, they might be the company you’re looking for. This does not mean all of the reviews will be beaming with gratitude. Some not-so-good reviews are unavoidable. What you need to look into in regards to bad reviews is this: did the company attempt to reconcile the issue? A company that has many reviews is well aware of the reviews they are receiving. The best AC company will be concerned about their customers, and their image, will make the effort to fix whatever issue is at hand.

Below are a couple of detailed explanations of what to look for on different websites designed for reviews.


This is probably the most common site consumers use to check reviews. When you type “air conditioning companies near me” google maps pops up with a list of companies they believe fit that description. What you also see are five star ratings under each company’s name. This is where you apply the information given above to find the best AC company in your area! Be sure to consider the number of reviews and not only the number of “stars” they are rated. Look at it this way, if a company has two customer reviews, both five star, their overall rating will be five stars. This is because there are no other reviews to compare it with to find the average.

Better Business Bureau

This website is great when searching for the best air conditioning company in your area. At the top of the page it has a search box to type what you are looking for. In this case “air conditioning contractor.” Just to the right of that search box it asks for you to enter your city, state, or zip code. When you press search, we recommend you turn on the “BBB accredited” button. Also, click the “sort by” tab and choose “rating.” This will ensure you are looking at accredited businesses with good ratings. However, do not be fooled by the order of the companies. If they show up first on the list it does not always, or even in most cases, mean they are the best AC company.

When you click on a specific company, the website will take you to a new page. On this page you can look at how long the company has been accredited, their BBB rating, customer reviews, and customer complaints. Reading the complaints and the company’s response to them will really help you get an idea of whether or not you think this is the best AC company for you.


“Reviews are a great indicator of a company’s reliability, quality of work, and integrity.”

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