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What is a heat pump?

A Heat Pump is a type of air conditioner found predominantly in the southern United States. While they aren’t the best option for homeowners living where it gets below freezing often, they are an excellent choice for homeowners in warm climates. Here in Ocala, Dunnellon, or The Villages, FL the heat pump is one of your best options.

During the Summer, Heat Pumps efficiently cooling your home by extracting the heat from inside your home and transferring it outside. During the winter and cooler months, they extract heat from the air outside and bring it inside your home. I know what you’re thinking. How is it extracting heat if it’s cold outside? Well, even in cold weather, there is a finite amount of heat that can be extracted to heat your home. A heat pump is more than capable of both cooling and heating your home in Florida.


How much does a heat pump cost?

When looking at a heat pump, it’s important to consider the price as an investment. They’re a little pricey up front, but they offer long-term savings when it comes to energy bills. Because they are more efficient, many energy companies offer incentives in the form of bill credit if you opt in for a more efficient unit. In Dunnellon, Ocala, and The Villages, Duke Energy and City of Ocala Electric Utilities offer rebates. To qualify for these rebates you have to opt in for at least a 15 SEER unit. SEER stand for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio”. It’s the most common metric for gauging how efficient an Air Conditioner is. Many energy companies also offer great incentives for homeowners going with a 17 SEER or above unit. These rebates can reach up to $600!

Expect a complete Heat Pump installation to start at around $5,000 for small, less efficient systems. Size and efficiency play the greatest role in determining price, but most system installations should fall in between $5,000-$10,000. While it is an investment, these systems can save you hundreds of dollars per year. We offer excellent financing terms and rates to our customers too if you want to leverage the bank’s money instead of your own! Call us today to fill out an application and get a free heat pump installation estimate.

Save Big By Replacing Your Unit Before it Dies

If you wait until your ac unit dies, not only will you have to wait a couple of days without air conditioning or heat, but you also will pay more money! In the Spring and the Fall, manufacturers offer significant rebates that can get you over $1,000 off of a new system! It pays to be smart and to invest early! We recommend replacing if your unit has had significant issues and it no longer carries a warranty.

Heat Pump Installation & Repair Experts

We specialize in heat pump repair and replacement! If you’re looking for service, or need advice about getting a new system installed, contact us! You can fill out our FREE estimate form and we’ll get back to you ASAP! You can also call us directly to speak to us immediately! Take a look at our Special Deals page to see if there are any current rebates available that could save you money.

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