Air Conditioning Maintenance and Why It’s Important

Jul 26, 2017

Why Is Air Conditioning Maintenance Important?

Nobody knows it better than us Floridians; air conditioning plays a huge role in our day to day lives as we strive to beat the heat. Our AC units work tirelessly throughout the year to keep us and our loved ones comfortable in our homes. Over time, and due to exposure to the elements, AC units accumulate significant amounts of dirt, dust, and debris. This is extremely common in Dunnellon and Ocala because of the abundance of thick vegetation and trees. This buildup can cause serious losses of operating efficiency, resulting in your unit working even harder to keep you comfortable. Eventually, this can also cause premature failure of a unit, leading to costly repairs or investment in a new unit.  Replacing an air conditioning unit can be a significant investment, costing thousands of dollars. If you could do something to improve the longevity of your system, wouldn’t you? The solution? Regular Air Conditioning maintenance of course!

There is a general rule of thumb that it is much easier to prevent than to cure. Air conditioning units are no different, however, they are also much less expensive to prevent than to cure. Often overlooked, regular air conditioning maintenance plays a huge role in maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of any unit. It helps keep energy bills low, extends equipment life, improves air quality and identifies issues that lead to bigger problems! Many maintenance programs also give you priority service and discounted pricing. This means if anything does go wrong with your unit, the company will get to you sooner and the repairs will be cheaper! Did you know that most manufacturers require proper maintenance for your existing warranty to remain in effect?

When Should Air Conditioning Maintenance Occur?

Preventative Maintenance usually takes place before and after summer, in the Spring and in the Fall. The summer is when most failures of AC units occur and thus most companies should visit your house before the abuse of your unit occurs and afterwards. If you have someone visit your house before the summer, they can often catch a weak capacitor or any number of simple fixes that can lead to the failure of your unit during the summer. AC companies are busiest during the summer, which could result in waiting for hours to get your unit repaired. Don’t take the chance, make the inexpensive investment to have your unit serviced once or twice a year.

Are you in the Marion County or surrounding areas? We service customers in The Villages, Crystal River, Inverness, Weirsdale, and Williston areas too! Keep your AC unit healthy and efficient with our Energy Savings Agreement! Not only do you receive that peace of mind that comes from knowing your unit will maintain peak efficiency and continue to keep your family comfortable, but you will also enjoy 15% off any future AC repairs and priority service! We are proud to offer the Ocala and surrounding areas with the top preventative air conditioning maintenance program in the area. Our technicians don’t take any short-cuts, and must be at your residence for at least one hour with every maintenance call. We record all of your unit’s readings and give you a copy each visit. This allows you to see what is going on with your unit year after year. All of our techs are friendly and professional looking as we take great pride in our appearance. CALL US AT 352-229-6221 or visit our website here for more information.

Air Conditioning Maintenance
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Air Conditioning Maintenance
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