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In Central Florida, we’re no strangers to heat. Unfortunately the year-round heat results in AC units working extremely hard all year long. This can lead to shorter life-spans and premature failures. Nobody anticipates a breakdown and having to spend thousands of dollars on a new unit. Air conditioners never go out in our customers’ homes when it’s convenient. Money can be tight. Maybe you just don’t want to invest thousands of dollars of your own money for a new ac and heating unit. We understand that, and that is why Coast to Coast is happy to now offer air conditioning financing options for our customers in Ocala, Dunnellon, Crystal River, and The Villages, Florida.

Financing, or obtaining a loan, is a great tool for you to leverage the bank’s money to upgrade your air conditioning system. Whether you’re looking for a total air conditioning unit replacement, the addition of a ductless AC system, or are simply facing a large repair bill, you can now borrow money and pay it back over time! We offer financing through Florida Credit Union and they have an array of different terms and rates for every consumer. They even offer a 12-15 month same-as-cash 0% interest rate option for consumers with approved credit. Call us or submit an application online to fund your next HVAC bill!

What Do You Need to Do to get Approved for HVAC Financing

Air conditioning replacement loans are very similar to getting approved for a credit card. The lender will dictate if you are approved and the amount you’re approved for by taking a look at your credit and several other factors. Take a look at our HVAC Financing tips below.

Bad Credit or No Credit

Credit is the strongest factor in determining approval. If you have a low credit score or no credit at all, your best option is to find a co-applicant with good or better credit. By including a spouse or family member who has good credit on your application, you are much more likely to obtain financing. Remember, if they agree to co-sign for the loan, they will also be held responsible if you default on your loan or miss a payment. Make sure you are capable of paying off the loan and meeting any necessary payments!

Low Income

When you submit your application, you will be asked to put in your income. Make sure you input a valid number. The lenders need to see exactly how much you’re bringing in every month when they consider giving you a loan. They may even ask for proof of income like a paystub or W2. If after inputting your income you are not approved, try using a co-applicant like I described above. By adding a co-applicant you show the bank that there is greater likelihood of paying off the note because there is greater income available.

Credit/Debt Ratio

The last thing the bank is going to consider is your credit/debt ratio. This is how much available credit you have vs. the amount of debt you have. If you keep your credit card balances low and don’t over-extend yourself this shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you max out your credit cards and you have big loans like cars, trucks, or a home, the bank might not approve you. The best thing for you to do is pay down your current loans. Pay off your credit cards, and get as much of your available credit back as possible. You can also include a co-applicant!

What Happens After You’re Approved

After you submit an application, the lender will notify you about your approval decision. It doesn’t take long, and once we know you’re approved, we will schedule a time to have the ac installation or repair for your home completed. If we haven’t given you a free estimate on a new unit or scheduled a service call yet, give us a call! Most appointments can be booked same-day or definitely within a couple days.

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After getting approved for ac unit financing, we’ll schedule your installation or repair. We’ll show up on time, and exceed your expectations.

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