AC Maintenance Cost in Central Florida

Jun 9, 2020

Like any other machine, air conditioners require maintenance to keep them in optimal shape! Debris, leaves, and organic growth can cause less than ideal operation and result in a less effective air conditioning system.

Preventative air conditioning maintenance doesn’t only help you keep your unit running efficiently though! In our experience, our AC maintenance customers experience fewer break downs during the summer when their air conditioner is working non-stop!

Common place service items like capacitors that are going bad can be found early before your AC unit stops running. AC maintenance can also be a requirement from manufacturers to retain your full air conditioning warranty.

Convinced you need your air conditioner maintained yet? You should be! How much does AC maintenance cost for your Ocala home though? Keep reading to find out!

Cost of an Air Conditioning Maintenance Visit

AC maintenance costs can vary. You’ve probably received mail from an air conditioning company offering air conditioning maintenance for $49. DON’T FALL FOR IT! Proper preventative AC maintenance can’t be done for $49. In this case you are actually paying for a company to come sell you new AC equipment!

A one-time AC maintenance visit should cost between $75 and $100. They cost this amount because they should take at least one hour per system! There are a lot of components that need to be checked and cleaned, so sometimes it could even take an hour and a half! Often times, you can actually get a better deal on maintenance visits when you purchase a maintenance contract.

One Maintenance Visit Per Year Vs. AC Maintenance Contracts (Two Visits Per Year)

Should you have your air conditioner cleaned and maintained once or twice per year? It is ultimately up to you and your unique situation, of course. However, if you live in a warmer climate like we do here in Florida, maintenance twice a year may be your best bet for keeping your unit running smoothly for a longer time. We say this because, in a warmer climate, your AC works almost year round and almost twice as hard in the summer months – especially if your kids are home all day!

Here in Ocala, FL we are fortunate to have a few cooler months in which we can test the heating components of your air conditioning system. This is another benefit to having maintenance twice a year! During one maintenance visit we can ensure your system is heating your home properly, and during the next visit we can ensure your system is cooling your home properly!

AC maintenance twice a year (once every six months) is kind of like going to the dentist for your cleanings! Do you need something special done? Not necessarily, but you get your cleanings twice a year to prevent bigger, more expensive issues from coming up! With AC maintenance twice a year, you also have a much higher chance of an issue being diagnosed before it becomes a bigger problem.

Interested in learning more about AC maintenance in central Florida? Give us a call at 352-229-6221!

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